PIP control (Picture-In-Picture Control)


Open X-Pert Playout and go to Settings -> Modules -> Remote Control. Under the Plugin Name fields find PIP Control, change the Enabled setting value from No to Yes to activate it.


Once the plug-in is enabled click on Configure... The PIP Control Plugin menu will pop-up:


Use the Add, Remove, Export, Import buttons to create, delete, export or import presets. Select the preset you wish to use or update from the Preset control drop-down list. 



In the Preset Control menu, Preset Control drop-down list contains all previously created presets. When you activate the PIP control for the first time, this list will include three default presets. To create a preset, click the Add button. Enter preset name in the field and choose the desired layer. The available layer types are:

Main -> refers to the current Playout Layer.

PIP ->  refers to the Live input, received by the PIP player.


The default presets are:

[Main]: Default - Full main screen.

[Main]: Scaled - Resizes the main screen in a way that makes the background canvas L-Shaped.



[PIP]: PIP - The canvas size is set to full screen



Once, the preset is configured click OK.


 TIP: Once the PIP is configured and all desired presets are saved, you may add a ShotBox command for optimal usage.


To delete a preset, select it from the drop-down list and click Remove.

Use Export button to export your Preset Control list to *.xml file

Import will allows you to choose already saved Preset Control List as *.xml file and import it in your current instance.


You also may attach files to the PIP Layer preset. You can Right click -> Add File or just drag and drop files. The file(s) will be shown as a background of the main screen.