Live Inputs

Opens the Live Inputs editor.

When you are using X-Pert Playout with a live input device, you have different configurations in the Live Inputs tab.

The Live Inputs dialog allows you to add as many live inputs as you wish and edit their settings.

The Live Inputs dialog contains a list of all available live inputs. They are designated by a Live name and an ID number. Clicking on the Details field to the right contains information about each separate input. In order to see the specifications about a given input, just select it from the list.

The Live Input dialog contains one pre-defined Picture-In-Picture Live input. It's part of the PIP configuration.

NOTE: It is not recommend making any changes on Picture-In-Picture Live input preset as it assures smooth work of the PIP functionality!

Live Viewer is a tool, which shows a preview of the defined streams in X-Pert Playout . First you have to define streams in X-Pert Playout, then, after starting Live Viewer, you can select your desired streams.

More details regarding the Live Viewer you may found in this section.

When you select a Live Input, the right area of the X-Pert Live Editor will show you its configuration properties. Two different types of inputs can be configured: Capture Device, UDP or Software Streaming Devices. Note that you can change the type of each separate input by selecting the desired option from the corresponding Type drop-down list.