Selecting this View menu item will show/hide an additional window with buttons for fast switching/insertion of custom events.

All clipboard buttons can operate in two modes:


Execute mode   – clicking a button while in this mode will execute the event, assigned to it immediately. In case a live stream is assigned to this button, a live stream row will be inserted in the playlist, and the playback will jump to it.

NOTE: No offsets will be applied to the events while in this mode!

NOTE: In execute mode, a complex item is treated as an events container. All events assigned to it will be executed immediately, with no offsets.


Insert mode   – clicking the button will insert the event assigned to it in the playlist. You can specify the point of insertion by using the location toggle button:

Insert as next   – will insert the event after the currently playing clip. If X-Pert Playout is in Stop or Pause mode, the event line will be inserted as the next line to be executed after resuming the playback.

TIP: If you need to insert an event line in another position in the playlist, just drag and drop the relevant button to the line, in which you would like to insert it.

TIP: Hold down the <Alt> key while clicking on a button to toggle the current mode of operation. Thus, you will switch between Execute/Insert modes for this particular command.


To change the buttons’ number and appearance, click the Settings button  . In the Custom buttons settings dialog, enter the number of buttons on the ShotBox, as well as their distribution in rows and columns (i.e. matrix).





NOTE: If the matrix settings you enter cannot be accommodated on the ShotBox, a warning message will pop-up. Changes will not be applied.  

For emergency execution of certain items in the playlist, you can assign a Jump shortcut to a button. The “jump to” target can be a playlist item number or a bookmark name.


NOTE: You cannot drag these shortcuts to the playlist! They work only in execute mode!

TIP: Instead of going to View menu, you can press <Ctrl> + <G> to open the Clipboard window.

TIP: Instead of clicking a button, you can press the <Ctrl> + number key to execute the command, assigned to that button.


Right-clicking on a button in the ShotBox opens a context menu, which allows you to do the following:

Assign event:


Logo event - see a detailed description of the Logo event here.


Media - see a detailed description of the insertion of media files here.


Complex event - see a detailed description of the insertion of Complex items here.


Playlist - opens a browse dialog, in which you can assign a playlist to be loaded when the ShotBox button is clicked.


Jump shortcut - opens a dialog, through which you can assign a jump command to a specified item, designated by its index number in the playlist, or a jump command to an existing bookmark in the playlist, designated by its name.


External event - opens a dialog related to the relevant external event. Full details on the external events may be found in this section.

Example: PIP control - opens a browse dialog, in which you can assign a preset from the already defined Preset Control list.


Unassign - Use this command to disable an already assigned event to the respective button.


Edit - Use this command to edit an already assigned event to the respective button.


Set title - Use this command to set a title to appear on the respective button.


Set hint - Use this command to set a hint to appear when the pointer is positioned on the respective button.




Assign picture - opens a browser dialog, in which you can select a picture to be loaded as a logo when the ShotBox button is clicked.


Clear picture - this command will remove the picture, selected in the assign picture option above.