Output tab

(Settings for MPO Mixed Playback)

When you have selected the MPO Mixed Playback in Settings -> Modules -> X-Pert Playout Output, an additional tab, named Outputs, will appear in the X-Pert Playout Settings menu Output dialog. This tab allows you to add, remove, and edit different outputs.

NOTE: The hardware devices are pre-configured to be viewed by X-Pert Playout by our staff duging installation. This is done by an application, called Device Manager.

NOTE: The resources, which are reserved by the Device Manager, are visible here.

As shown in the image to the left, the Outputs tab allows you to view a list of already configured outputs. The Output Name column shows you the individual names you have given to each separate output. In the Output Type column you can see the type of that particular preset.

NOTE: The Clock column (third one from the left) allows you to select the clock of which hardware device to be used. Note that if you only have one hardware device configured, it will be used by default. If you set the clock of non-hardware output to be used, X-Pert Playout will simply use the system timer. Be aware that in this case an additional timebase correction may be necessary. In the example to the left the clock of the Decklink platform is selected.


The Setup column allows you to invoke the setup dialog of each separate output. To do that, simply double click on the corresponding [Setup] row and a dialog will appear, depending on the type of output.


The next Settings column, fifth from the left, invokes a dialog like the one shown to the right. Here you can set the resolution of the output.


Fixed resolution - List with rescaling options

Custom resolution - List with custom resolution options

Render Streams

Video - Enable/Disable the video stream of the output

NOTE!: Support of audio-only content for radio, music and informative channels playout automation purposes is available ONLY for MPEG-TS and Preview outputs


Audio - Enable/Disable the audio stream(s) of the output

• CC -  Enable/Disable the CC stream of the output

NOTE: If there are Closed Captions in the content that is played and you need to use them on the preview, please contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button https://x-pert.tv/support/ , via e-mail at support@x-pert.tv or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51.


Grayscale output - Enables the opportunity to convert black-and-white output. The functionality has to be enabled separately for each desired output.

EXAMPLE: If you want the preview and the Decklink output, then go to:

Settings -> Output -> Outputs -> Preview Settings -> Check Grayscale output

Settings -> Output -> Outputs -> Decklink DMT Settings -> Check Grayscale output


NOTE: To enable the gray scale filter, please check these instructions.

The sixth column from the left is used for refreshing the output, and the last one – for removing it.



To add a new output preset, simply press the Add button at the bottom. You can select from one of the following types of outputs: Deltacast HD, Virtual Output, Multiformat Streaming, Unified IP Output, Unified SDI OutputMPEG Transport Streaming, Decklink,or Preview. Depending on your selection, a different setup dialog will appear.