Adding Decklink DMT

If you select Decklink DMT, a dialog will appear, where you can simply enter the name of your output and choose an existing Decklink platform from the list. Once you are done, press OK.

NOTE: DMT Decklink Output only works with driver 9.7.2 or later.

Pressing the Plugin Setup for a predefined Decklink DMT in the Outputs tab invokes a dialog, like the one below:


This dialog contains two tabs – Audio and Ancillary.

In the Audio tab you can configure the number of output audio channels to be used. This is done via the drop-down list in the top right corner of the dialog. Up to 16 audio channels are available here.

Once you configure the number of output audio channels, additional options for each channel are available in the list of channels. For each Source Channel in the list you can configure the corresponding output channel, as well as the volume Level.

Use the Set Default button at the bottom to return to the default configurations of the Audio tab.

In the Ancillary tab you can configure closed captions and AFD settings.

In the Closed Captioning field select the closed captioning mode:

 None - no closed captions will be output

 Analog (line 21) - analog closed captions will be output on line 21

 Digital – digital closed captions will be output. Notice that you can configure the digital closed captions in the next field – Digital Settings. Select the Output type from the drop-down list, both CEA 608 and 708 are supported. Use the Line scroller to select the line, on which you would like closed captions to be output. By default, line 11 is used here.

NOTE: If there are Closed Captions in the content that is played and you need to use them on the preview, please contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button, via e-mail at or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51.

In the Active Format Description / AFD field you can configure the Bar Data type, as well as the output Line to be used.

NOTE: Please, note that for the correct usage of the AFD feature you have to set the following output configurations in Settings -> Output ->Video tab:
Aspect Ratio = Auto
Aspect/Size Conversion Strategy = Stretch

The SCTE settings - Use the Line scrollbar to select the line, on which you would like SCTE 104 to be output. By default, line 15 is used in X-Pert Plaout.

The Settings button functions and adjustments are described here.