X-Pert Playout Output

Here you can select the active playback module, depending on the installed hardware platform. Check the latest list of platforms, supported in X-Pert Playout in www.x-pert.tv, contact X-Pert Support team for further assistance on chat button https://x-pert.tv/support/, via e-mail at support@x-pert.tv or phone +359 8 77 66 33 51.

Select the desired module from the list of available modules in the upper window, and assign it to the corresponding X-Pert Playout channel in the lower window by double-clicking on the module, or by pressing the Set button. This option allows you to start multiple X-Pert Playout applications on different hardware decoders at the same workstation.

NOTE: Depending on the active module, X-Pert Playout may recognize some files as invalid, if these files are not supported by the respective hardware used.