VTR Control plugin

Although X-Pert Playout was designed as a file-based playout engine, now you can control up to 2 external VTRs through RS422 for tape-based playout. All you have to do is insert a VTR control event in the playlist.

The VTR command dialog consists of two tabs – General and Advanced. In the General tab you have to specify to which VTR X-Pert Playout will send the command and the action to be executed upon its receipt (Play or Stop). The Play-related settings are situated below:

Select the temporal resolution of the tape in the Used FPS drop-down list (frames per second).

If you would like to play a tape from one point to another, check  Play from TC and Play to TC, and specify the initial and the final timecode. In this case you will have to specify the maximum Rewind time (in milliseconds). Make sure not to insert another VTR control event for this particular VTR within the framework of this period (here -60000 msec.). Otherwise, a tape position conflict might occur and the earlier event will not be executed properly.

When you check the  Remind me to insert a cassette box, you will be prompted to insert a cassette. Enter a note in the string to the right. Use the Check user bits checkbox to define the user bits of the cassette. You can also browse for them by pressing the Browse  button to ensure that the right cassette has been inserted. In the Notification offset string specify how much time before the event X-Pert Playout will remind for the cassette insertion.

Different VTR brands have different command reaction times. Find out how many milliseconds it takes your VTR to react to the command, sent from X-Pert Playout and enter this value in the Time offset spin-box. Once you do this, the command will be sent a little bit earlier, to guarantee seamless switching from X-Pert Playout to VTR playout.

(!) TIP: You will need a switcher to change between the X-Pert Playout and the VTR playout. Therefore, a Switcher Event should always be present in the playlist before or after the VTR control event, unless you decide to switch manually. You could use the Complex events feature to create presets for later use (see the Complex Items section further in this manual).

NOTE: Like all other External events, the VTR plug-in must be enabled first in the Settings ->Modules -> Remote Control tab.

IMPORTANT: Since the VTR control is executed through the PC COM port, you will need an RS232 to RS422 converter, such as Addenda or Leitch.

IMPORTANT: The X-Pert modules DO NOT support the Deck Control connector, supplied on the DeckLink breakout cable!