Remote Control

All of the available modules for remote control in X-Pert Playout are listed in the remote control tab, like GPI (General Purpose Interface), DTMF, video matrices, and video switchers, X-Pert Graphics NetControl, resizing, etc.

These modules correspond to events in the X-Pert Playout playlist. First, you have to enable the module from X-Pert Playout Menu -> Settings -> Modules -> Remote Control and configure it. Then, you can put it as an event in the X-Pert Playout playlist.

Here is a list of available modules and its related configuration description:

DTMF Input

GPI Input

Relay GPI Switch Input/Output

SCTE-35/104 Input

Watch Dog plugin

Acappella Switcher Output

Concerto Switcher Output

DTMF Output

Elpro Switcher Output

GPI Output

Kramer Switcher Output

Kramer Matrix Switcher Output

Leitch Switcher Output

MirandaRouter Output

NetworkElectronics Switcher Output

NetSender Output

Ocelot Switcher Output

Quartz Matrix Switcher Output

SCTE-35/104 Output

SierraVideo Switcher Output

Shell Switcher Output

X-Pert Graphics NetControl Output

TVContent Rating

Universal Matrix Plug-in

Utah Master Control Output

Utah Switcher Output

VideoHub Switcher Output

Video Re-size Ctrl Output

VikinX Matrix Switcher Output

VTR Control Plug-in

X-Ingest Plug-in

PIP Control