AUX Source Tab


There are settings for using an additional video source. There are three possible AUX Sources:

 Previously prepared File – you need to enter its location here;

 UDP stream – enter the IP address and port;

 Live video – a video signal, coming from a Live Input, as it is defined in the Live Input settings window. Here you have to enter the name of the live source, exactly like it is entered in the Live input window.

The additional video source is usually used for creating Picture-in-picture (PIP).

NOTE: This functionality is out-dated. The usage of PIP Control function is recommended!

To allow the PIP functionality, you have to check the Use PIP with Video Rescale Events box. The video files from the playlist will be treated as a background video. The live source video will be resized in accordance to the settings, made within the Video Resize Control event (for more information, please, check the Video Resize Control Output description).

NOTE: Keep in mind that when creating the resize control event, you have to specify an offset of at least 1 second (1000ms).

Check the  Use Second Source Audio box if you want the output audio to be the one, coming from the AUX source.

IMPORTANT: It is recommended for the live stream video standard and fields order to be similar to the playlist input video.

NOTE: This plug-in supports the transition between clips in the playlist. Please, check the clip properties description for details.