Output Options

Here you can set the aspect ratio of the output. The default setting is [4:3]. The slider below determines the smoothness of the font characters. The greater the value, the smoother the font is.

 Rectangle rendering is recommended for more powerful systems. It changes the algorithm of graphics rendering for optimizing the performance.

NOTE: Do not use it on single CPU machines, as it increases the CPU load!

IMPORTANT! This option with is NOT recommended with animation objects and Direct Show Media objects!

           Restart render on aspect change – check this box to restart the rendering when the aspect ratio is changed.

 External aspect control - it is intended for automated switching of the aspect ratio, according to an external source. Such a source can be WSS present in incoming video, for example.

NOTE: The External aspect control check-box is related to the External aspect control    button on the X-Pert Graphics toolbar.

          Disable ScreenSaver – disables the screensaver on the machine, on which X-Pert Graphics is in use.

          Stereoscopic 3D Output (SBS) – enables the X-Pert Graphics stereo 3D output. Use the Master Stereoscopic Offset spin-box to assign the overall offset of the 3D output. The offset here measures the depth of the objects. If you set a positive number, the objects will appear deeper in the screen and vice versa.

NOTE: You can assign object-specific 3D offset values to each object by using the corresponding option in the main X-Pert Graphics toolbar.