Add Schedule Item dialog


Use the Add button to create a new schedule item within the current schedule list. Once you click it, the following window will open:

The Channel presets field contains a drop-down list with Title of the TV Channel, which will be captured. You can select any Title from the drop-down list or to use Channel setup to mnnually configure a channel.


Clip Times properties section includes:

Start time/End Time - specify initial and final time.


Duration – calculated automatically by subtracting Start from End time values.


Date – capture start date.


Clear button will reset all entered values in the Clip Times Properties section.

Note:  Time is in the 24-hour time format. AM/PM is not supported.


Type – defines the frequency of capturing – once, daily, weekly.

Note: If you select Daily or Weekly, you must set calendar-based name increment in Settings > Preferences > Schedule!


At the bottom part of the dialog, you will able to add Basic Schedule Item properties. The section includes basic data as File name, Title and Comments described below.


Comment – contains a description or a comment.


Title – enter the title of the clip you’re going to capture. If you leave the field empty, it will be automatically filled-in with the corresponding file name.


Lock button – click it to lock the Title to the File name. Any changes you make in either field will automatically occur in the other.


File Name – enter a name for the captured file. If the field is left empty, it will be automatically filled with the Clip name. Click OK to add current item to schedule list.

NOTE: When your list is ready, click the Schedule capture button to load list and start capturing from the nearest date/time set.