The Source tab contains a basic clip description information. The Type fields shows whether the input is from a File, a Live, or a UDP source.

If the input is a File, the Parameters field shows the file Path.

If it is a Live source, then the Address of the source is indicated in the field below. This Address corresponds to the Name of the live stream, as it is defined in the Settings ->  Live Inputs.

When the Type of the source is UDP, by default, and the user can enter the IP Address of the source machine and the number of the Port, which receives the input. There are also two additional options for this type of input:

Program ID – if you check this box, you can to choose which program to be output by X-Pert Playout, if the stream has more than one channel.

Source – check this box if the source broadcasts more than one stream, to be able to enter the Source Address of your desired stream.