Default gap-filling category

Default gap-filling category is the third section of the Fixed-time event options dialog and it contains several options for automatic filling of gaps in the playlist:

 Default clip – The default auto-fill clip must be an MPEG2 (if you are using an MPEG2 plug-in) or DV (if you are using a DV plug-in) file. Most often it is a program logo, animation, etc. The default auto-fill clip will be played-back each time there is a gap in your playlist and you have not specified anything else to be done in order to fill it (you have not set any auto-fill category, the clips from this category are missing for some reason, etc.).

In brief, the default auto-fill clip is always there in case something goes wrong with the other filling content.

You can specify this file in the Settings menu -> Auto-fill dialog.

 Category from previous event– sets the auto-fill category of the last played fixed-time event in the playlist (if such an event exists).

 Category from fixed-time event – uses the category from the current fixed-time event (this corresponds to the auto-fill setting in the Clip Properties dialog of the fixed-time item).

 Custom category – a sequence of clips created by you in the Auto-fill options dialog, which will be played-back if a gap appears.