Fixed time

The Fixed-time tab allows for setting an exact start time for the particular clip.

IMPORTANT: If you do not choose any of the Custom settings for the fixed-time event, the Default settings will apply. A detailed description of the default settings is available in the Fixed Time event Settings section further in the manual.

WARNING! When using fixed time events, the playlist should start and end within the same calendar day (i.e., the playlist should not go beyond midnight). Otherwise, we cannot guarantee the proper operation of the fixed time logic.

When using fixed start times, you always have to account for the other fixed times in the playlist. Therefore, the first two lines in this tab contain information about the preceding fixed time event and its duration; and the fourth line prompts the start time of the following fixed event (if any). If you try to set a start time, which is in conflict with the surrounding events, the time-picker background will become red. A warning message will appear upon clicking OK, and the allowable start time will be prompted until you set it.

The two spin-boxes are situated between the Previous and Next fixed event rows describing the current fixed-time event. Check the Use fixed start time box and enter the time. In the Day offset spin-box, enter the number of days to go prior to executing the fixed time event. Day offset zero means the date of the X-Pert Playout startup!

When using fixed start times, two types of time conflict might occur – overlapping of playlist items or gap in the playlist. In the first situation there is not enough time to playout all clips in the playlist before the fixed-time event starts. Therefore, you can choose between two Custom overlap resolving options:

 Skip currently running event – when this option is selected, X-Pert Playout will skip all clips that cannot be played out as a whole. Let us assume that the time remaining till the fixed start is 2 minutes and all the clips before it are longer. X-Pert Playout will skip them and the 2-minutes gap will be filled with the Custom auto-fill category (see below).

Truncate currently running event – X-Pert Playout will playout as many clips before the fixed time event as possible. The currently playing clip will be truncated when the fixed time comes.

In the second situation, when there is a gap in the playlist (either because the content is not enough or you have selected to skip the currently running events) you will need a  Custom auto-fill category. This drop-down list contains all auto-fill categories, previously prepared by you, and a [Default Clip] entry. Check the Auto-fill settings section to learn how to create these categories.

In case you can accept some deviation of the fixed time, check the relevant Custom tolerances box and describe it. In this way you can ease the complex operations when it comes to a few seconds differences.

 Everyday fixed times needed in case you loop your playlists. If you leave this check-box empty, the fixed time will be executed only during the first loop.

NOTE: Please, note that you cannot use simultaneously Day offsets and Everyday fixed time.

WARNING! DO NOT use fixed time events within a bookmark’s time range!