X-Pert Playout is a universal SD/HD content playout and streaming software. Depending on the hardware platform and supported files in the playlist, there are different types of X-Pert Playout playout (playback modules).

Currently, there are 3 major modules:


Multi-format playout SD/HD

Multi-format playout allows including in the playlist files with different types of video and audio compressions, different resolution, different frame rate, etc. If the parameters of the file are different from the parameters, set for X-Pert Playout playback, then the files are transcoded in real-time (during the playback) to match to the parameters set.

Depending on the hardware installed, there are several multi-format modules (plug-ins). Check our site for the latest supported hardware platforms and for their supported features.


Pumping playout

Pumping playout allows inserting only content with MPEG1-encoded or MPEG2-encoded video into the playlist. There are three Pump plug-ins: Data pump, IP pump (LAN card based), ASI pump (Deltacast ASI card based). Usually, the working module of X-Pert Playout is already selected and set up when you buy a turnkey system from X-Pert Ltd.

In case, you are going to select a working module alone, go to X-Pert Playout Menu -> Settings -> Modules window and select the preferred module.

The X-Pert Playout playout is defined in the X-Pert Playout -> Settings -> Output menu.


Live input

Live Input playout allows you to configure up to 128 live presets, which are global for the machine, and therefore can be used with any client, for example X-Pert Playout, X-Pert Ingest, and the Multi X-Pert Playout Manager, configuring many different live inputs. There are two major types of life sources that can be set here – fixed and dynamic. The properties of the first type are fixed, i.e., the video parameters and the number of streams cannot be changed. The same parameters of dynamic sources, on the other hand, change during playout. Check how to define your live inputs in the relevant section below.