Status Bar

The status bar is located at the lowest part of the X-Pert Playout window:

The Total Duration field shows the total playlist duration.

The End At field shows the time, when the playlist will end (if not looped, of course).

If there is a question mark (?) after Total Duration and End At, this means that there are missing files in the playlist, and their duration is included in the total duration (i.e., the actual total length of the playlist is less than and the end-time is earlier than displayed). You can choose whether the duration of missing files should be included or excluded from the total length by checking the relevant box in Settings -> General -> Missing Files ->  Show duration of missing files.

IMPORTANT: In case there is a question mark in the Total Length and End At fields, the displayed total duration and end-time are NOT the real ones, since the missing files will be skipped during the playback.

If there is an exclamation mark (!) after Total Duration and End At, this means that there are missing files in the playlist, and their duration is not calculated in the total duration (i.e., the duration of the missing files is considered to be zero in the playlist).

TIP (!) You can set X-Pert Playout to notify for the existence of missing files in the playlist by blinking the Total Duration and End at cells in red. Besides, an audio alarm can be set off through the PC sound card. See Settings menu description  General section for details on how to enable these notifications for Missing files.

The Selection field displays the cumulated duration of the currently selected items in the playlist.

The fourth field of the Status Bar shows the hardware module that is currently used for playout. If it displays [None], please, check whether the appropriate module is selected in Settings menu ->  Modules -> Output tab.