VikinX Matrix Switcher Playout Event

This external event controls VikinX, a NetworkElectronics model switcher. Similar to other matrix switchers, it has two operation modes: Command and Online.

While in Command mode, you can configure the combination of the matrix switcher and press OK to add the event in the playlist.

In Online mode, you can control the inputs/outputs in real time, just by pressing the relevant cell in the switcher grid.

The available matrix levels are listed in the Levels drop-down menu.

Use Refresh button to update the matrix status.

You can switch the Video and Audio separately. To trace them or together, just click on A V button. 

You can specify the number of inputs/outputs in the grid by using the relevant buttons in the dialog. In its lower left part, specify the delay/precession of the event in milliseconds.

To define inputs and outputs of the selected level, mark and unmark the cross cells in the grid with a single click. Double-clicking on a column/row header opens a dialog for changing its label.

If you want to delete all current commands (at all levels), use the Clear commands button.

Press OK to confirm the configuration.