Text Property area

You can type new texts of text objects in it.

IMPORTANT: In order to use X-Pert Graphics Net Control output event, you have to start your X-Pert Graphics with Net Control function (X-Pert Graphics -> Network -> Net Control), where available (X-Pert Graphics Basic Edition does not support this option).

To control a project (its objects) from X-Pert Playout, you have to create that project in X-Pert Graphics first, and export it as a template into the Template folder (X-Pert Graphics/ Network  Export project as template). The Template folder is created automatically during the X-Pert Graphics installation. If the X-Pert Playout module is installed on a different computer or you need to change the folder’s location, then you have to start the X-Pert Graphics Net Control Setup (Programs -> X-Pert Technology Ltd. -> X-Pert Playout -> PLNetInst.exe) after the installation of X-Pert Playout.

Before pressing the Finish button in the X-Pert Graphics Net Control wizard, uncheck the Split Command box. Thus, only one row will be inserted in the playlist.

The following paragraph contains an Example playlist, prepared with  Split Command: If you want to start Crawl1, Roll1, and Sequence from the footballproject, stop all objects, and clear the screen after two clips, the playlist should look like this: