General Commands:

Start – starts the project in X-Pert Graphics.
Stop – stops (“freezes”) the object(s) on the screen by ceasing the exchange of information with the graphics buffer.
Clear screen – clears the graphics frame buffer and hides all objects from the screen.
Reset – This command will stop and hide all previously displayed objects. This function would be useful if there have been other X-Pert Graphics events before the one you would like to insert and you do not know the display status of some object(s).
Slide show – this command triggers the Slide Controller in X-Pert Graphics. You can choose between Play, Stop, Pause, or Next in the drop-down list to the right. Use the spin-box next to it to specify which slide you would like to control.

NOTE: The play and stop commands will be applied to the slide, whose number is specified in the spin-box!

For example:  Slide show [Play] [2] would mean start showing slides from slide 2.

 Slide show [Stop] [3] would mean stop slide 3 and continue showing the other slides in the project.

If you need to stop the slide controller, please insert a Project Stop command.

When you select a command, it appears in the mid-window field. To activate a command, check the box in front of its name. After selecting the command, press the OK button. The X-Pert Graphics command event will appear in the X-Pert Playout playlist.

When you select a X-Pert Graphics project, its objects appear in the lower property window. You can select one (or all of them) to be controlled from X-Pert Playout by checking the boxes in front of the objects. Select the Command field (Play, Stop or Update). The [Update] command is used for text items that have been changed after their recent use in X-Pert Playout. In the fields to the right you can see the object’s properties (duration, offset, effects, etc.). The Offset field allows you to set the time for earlier or later start of the object, according to the next video clip. After selecting the object(s), press the OK button. The X-Pert Graphics object event will appear in the X-Pert Playout playlist.