X-Pert Graphics NetControl Output


This is actually a set of events, which is used to manage objects in X-Pert Graphics. It could be a X-Pert Graphics object, which you would like to control from X-Pert Playout; or a command for controlling a currently open project in X-Pert Graphics; or a combination between them. For a complete description of X-Pert Playout with X-Pert Graphics integration, see Appendix 3

The X-Pert Graphics Control Wizard appears after selecting Edit -> Add/Insert -> Event -> X-Pert Graphics NetCtrl Output…. It will guide you through creating a X-Pert Graphics Net Control Output event. Follow the instructions and select the X-Pert Graphics project and/or object, and the desired action. You can evoke the Wizard also by right-clicking on a playlist row and selecting the relevant command from the drop-down menu (Add/Insert Event).

If you press the Advanced button in the lower left corner of the Wizard, the Configuration dialog box will open. There you can define more sophisticated settings of the event (offset, duration, color, or even the text of the text objects).

Configuration dialog box:

Template area: Here you can see the [General Commands] and a list of the available projects. Only the projects that have been previously saved as templates in X-Pert Graphics (Network menu -> Export project as Template) could be managed from X-Pert Playout.