Capture device

The CaptureDevice properties are shown to the right. Set its ID number and Name from the corresponding field and Enable / Disable the Auto Start option, which allows the input to be automatically initiated once it is set.

If you would like to capture closed captions, select the Closed Captions type to be captured from the drop-down menu – Analog or Digital. If you select None, closed captions will not be captured.

Audio Start - Allows the input to be automatically initiated once it's set.

Further down the dialog select the video Device, used for this input, its Format, Fields order, and Aspect ratio.

VTR COM Port - You have to select a COM port to which the VTR is connected.

VTR Time Code - a coded signal from the VTR COM device, giving information about such things as frame number, time of recording, or exposure.

The Audio field also allows you to select a Device and Format. Furthermore, here you can add a number of streams, depending on your needs. Simply press the Add button to insert a new stream or the Edit button to change the settings of an already existing audio stream. The Remove button will delete the selected stream.

Pressing the Add / Edit button invokes the dialog to the right. Here you can select the number of Mono Channels and enter the language of the input.