Relay GPI Switch output


In the Output field select the number of GPI output, on which the signal will be sent. Then, select what kind of a signal to send by marking the respective radio-button – GPI, Tally, Pulse, Parallel.


When you select Tally, the next On check-box becomes available:   . Check it in order to set Tally On.


If you select Pulse, a single pulse will be sent to the output. Enter the length of the pulse in milliseconds in the next field: .

If you select Parallel, you can send the GPI signal parallelly to several outputs. In this case, you have to select which these outputs are. In the Output field enter the number of the first output, and in the To field enter the number of the last output, which will be parallel:  . Small check-boxes, which represent the outputs, will appear next to the Parallel radio-button. Now, by checking the respective check-box, you can select the outputs:  .


In the Run At field enter how many milliseconds earlier or later to execute this event.