Ocelot Switcher Output

It activates the Ocelot Switcher output dialog, where you can define the switcher’s commands.

You can schedule the device control by adding/inserting events into the X-Pert Playout playlist (the so-called Offline mode) or control it interactively (in Online mode).

The available matrix levels, which refer to digital video, analog audio and digital audio are listed in the Levels field. Right-clicking on a level invokes a pop-up menu that enables grouping it with another level, or ungrouping the currently selected pairs, or resetting all of them. Grouping is convenient for simultaneous switching of all levels in a group.


If Auto refresh is checked, the grid will automatically reflect the matrix status every time any of the switcher’s Input/Output buttons is pressed. If not checked, you can update this information manually by clicking the Refresh button.

When in Offline mode, you can specify the delay/precession of the event in milliseconds. The corresponding strings are situated in the lower left part of the window.

f you want to delete all current commands (at all levels), use the Clear commands button.

Note that it works only in Offline mode.


 Press OK when ready.