The Toolbar


The supported features, situated in the Toolbar, from left to right, are as follows:


 Manually add Master – here you have to type the address of the Master X-Pert Playout.


 Delete selected Master or preferred Slave – deletes a selected Master from the Master AB configuration fields or preferred Slave.


 Manually add new Slave (in the second pair of buttons) – adds new Slave X-Pert Playout in the Slave AB configuration window.


 Delete selected Slave (in the second pair of buttons) – deletes a selected Slave X-X-X-Pert Playout.


 Setup switch rules – Pressing this button will open the Backup rules dialog. It will be described in details further in section Switch Rules.


 Setup External Plug-ins - External plug-ins are related to the external devices, involved in the back-up, like video switchers, video matrices, etc. The list of external plug-ins, used in X-Pert Backup Supervisor is the same as in X-Pert Playout. Please, check the X-Pert Playout settings -> Modules -> Remote Control for a more detailed description of the external plug-ins.



Pressing the setup button will open the following window:


In the Plug-in directory field, browse for the directory, where all the external plug-ins (*.dll) are located. Usually, they are in the XBS or X-Pert Playout installation folder.


If there are plug-ins in the selected folder, you will see their names in the Plug-in names list. Enable the plug-in you need by double-clicking on the related Enable field. By default, all plug-ins are disabled.


Do the same for the Condition plugins (Universal Matrix plug-in). Note that the Universal Matrix Controller is the only Condition plugin supported.


 Force switch for selected Master – if there is any preferred Slave X-Pert Playout, this button allows you to switch to the first available preferred Backup X-Pert Playout. If all preferred Slaves are busy, or there are no such Slaves, XBS will switch to the first available Slave machine.


 Force this XBS to be Master – this button is active when more than one X-Pert Backup Supervisor Instance is set in your network to control your X-Pert Playout instances and when the current XBS is a Slave, NOT a Master. Thus, if you want to make the XBS that you are currently using a Master, simply press this button. Otherwise, the XBS you are looking at will just show you the operations that the MasterXBS is processing, without actually executing them.


Furthermore, if the MasterXBS fails to operate for some reason, the SlaveXBS will automatically take over its functions and will continue working from the same point onwards.