Getting Started


X-Pert Backup Supervisor (XBS) is designed for backing up multiple playout channels simultaneously. Also known as “n+m” redundancy, XBS allows the user to choose the number of backup systems (for example 4 backups for 12 on-air channels), reducing overall system cost while maintaining system integrity. XBS monitors user-defined lists with X-Pert Playout Masters and Slaves applications. If a Master is non-responsive for two seconds, it will be automatically replaced by a Slave X-Pert Playout. Thus, in case of failure, XBS will replace any non-responsive Master X-Pert Playout.

The user can assign a “preferred” Slave X-Pert Playout to each one of the Master X-Pert Playouts. The playback status of all Masters is continually monitored.


XBS keeps track of the playlist, the last playback status and position of all Master X-Pert Playouts. In case of failure, i.e., the Master X-Pert Playouts is non-responsive for two seconds, its last known state of the (i.e. playlist, playback status and position) will be sent to the preferred Slave X-Pert Playout.


If there is no preferred Slave specified (or it is not available), XBS will transfer the playlist to the first available Slave.



WARNING! Keep in mind that the actual media files from the playlist will not be transferred, but only the playlist. X-Pert recommends having all the media files on the Slave machine. For convenience, these files can be automatically transferred to the Slave machine by using the X-Pert Content Replicator module.



NOTE: When you have to cover multiple channels using XBS, an X-Pert Playout BackUp license is not required.