Kramer Matrix Switcher Output

NOTE: It is used for all Kramer switchers that use Protocol 2000.



The attached devices are automatically detected, but you can add more manually by double clicking a row in the list of devices (#1 NONE; #2 NONE; etc.). Double-clicking on a Device will open a dialog, in which you can define the Video/Audio inputs’ and outputs’ numbers.

Check Audio is same as Video if you prefer the value entered in the Video section to be automatically inserted in the Audio section as well.



Save - keeps your current configuration in (*.ksc) (stands for Kramer switch configuration).

Load - Loads an existing Kramer Switch configuration (*.ksc).



You can switch the Video and Audio separately. To trace them or together, just click on Audio follow Video button. 

To define inputs and outputs of the selected device, mark and unmark the cross cells in the grid with a single click. Double-clicking on a column/row header opens a dialog for changing its label.


The user can work in two modes: Command and Online.

In Online mode Inputs and Outputs can be switched in real time just by clicking the desired In/Out combination field in the grid.

In Command mode the user selects the desired combination for the Matrix and after pressing OK the event is added to X-Pert Playout playlist. In Command mode you will have to press OK to insert the event in the playlist.


You can also set an event offset via the Run event field, if necessary. The number you enter in the field is in milliseconds.

If you want to delete all current commands (at all devices), use the Clear commands button.

Press OK when ready.