Control Groups

The Control Groups management section allows you to add, remove, and edit XPC  Control Groups.

To add a new Control Group, click on the relevant Add new control group  button in the Control groups section.

The following dialog will open, where you have to enter a name for the new Control Group:

The list in the Control Groups management section displays the currently created Control Groups. You can change a Control Group name by clicking the relevant Edit Control Group  button. In the dialog that appears enter a new name for the Control Group and click Rename. You can also delete a Control Group by clicking the Remove control group  button in the respective row.

To assign an X-Pert Playout server to a Control Group, use the relevant Add X-Pert Playout Server  button. The following dialog will open, from which you have to select the desired server to be added:

NOTE: One X-Pert Playout server can belong to one Control Group ONLY!

The first X-Pert Playout server, added to the Control Group automatically becomes the group commander. The commander can be changed by click the Set As Group Commander  button next to the desired server from the list.

You can also remove a server from the group by clicking the Remove Server  button next to the respective list entry.