View Groups

The View Groups section allows you to add, remove, and edit XPC View Groups.

To add a new View Group, click on the Add new view group  button. The following dialog will open, where you have to enter a name for the new View Group:

The list in the View Groups management section displays the currently created View Groups. You can change a View Group name by clicking the relevant Edit view group  button. In the dialog that appears enter a new name for the View Group and click Rename. You can also delete a View Group by clicking the Remove view group  button in the respective row.

To assign a X-Pert Playout server to a View Group, click the Add X-Pert Playout Server  button. The following dialog will open, in which you have to select the desired server to be added from the drop-down list:

To remove a server from the selected group, click the corresponding Remove From Group  button.

NOTE: The All Playout View Group refers to all X-Pert Playout instances, available in the XPC. This group cannot be removed, neither can servers be removed from it.