The ShotBox field allows you to configure the buttons to be displayed by the ShotBox for this particular X-Pert Playout server.

To set a command for a button, click the Edit  button for the respective button number. The following dialog will appear:

Enter the Title and the Tooltip to be displayed for the selected button. Click the Assign Event  button to add a new event and select the desired event to be executed by the button. To edit the selected event properties click the Edit Event  button. You can also remove the selected event by clicking the Unassign Event button.

Once you are done configuring the desired event for the selected button, click Set.

You can also unassign an event from a ShotBox button by clicking Clear next to each event. Finally, you can configure the default appearance of the Insert   and the Execute buttons of the ShotBox by clicking the respective buttons in the top right corner of the ShotBox field.