GPI Output

Inserts a line in the playlist, which activates the GPI Output. A dialog box appears to define the output GPI commands. You can have up to two commands on each COM port: GPI 1 means DTR tone (pulse on pin 4 and 5), and GPI 2 means RTS tone (pulse on pin 7 and 5).


You can select the COM-port from the available COM-ports, listed in the main window area. To configure them, go to Settings -> Modules -> Remote Control tab select the GPI Output, and press the Configure button.

The time for execution of a GPI event is defined via the surrounding items in the playlist. Therefore, you could correlate an event offset by using the end of the previous clip (“earlier” execution), or the beginning of the following one (“later” execution). Just fill in the number of frames in the Run event field and select [earlier] or [later] in the next field.