Channel in a Box consists of the following major modules:

X-Pert Playout

The most important part of a transmission automation system. It performs on-air playback and control. The module is designed for uninterrupted 24 hours / 7 days-a-week content playout from online media storage. It can also be used as a production server with interactive capabilities, such as Next, Jump, Cue, etc.

X-Pert List

A standalone playlist editor, designed for arranging, previewing, and trimming the available content without any hardware decoder requirements. It contains useful playlist features, such as text searching, printing, etc.

X-Pert Ingest

Sophisticated ingest round the clock. X-Pert Ingest controls VTRs via RS-422 and automatically captures batches of scenes or programs. It also allows transferring a program to a tape precisely, by using frame-accurate timecode positioning. Needless to say, it also provides semi- or completely automated scheduled capturing, GPI interface, VU/peak audio meters, and a number of other unique tools.

X-Pert Graphics

X-Pert Graphics provides fully automated or interactive graphics overlay. It can also be synchronized to X-Pert Playout playout sequence. It allows insertion of text and dynamic graphic information in accordance to external data sources. Text information is received and rendered into high-quality graphics on-the-fly.