X-Pert Compact MAM is an SQL-based database for media & content management. Content is classified by using many indices, such as type, category, genres, keywords, credits, media, etc. The Other X-Pert modules (X-Pert Playout and X-Pert List) obtain information about the visual content from X-Pert Compact MAM.

NOTE: The following chapter contains description of the full X-Pert Compact MAM version. Please, note that some of these functionalities are not available in X-Pert Compact MAM LE and in X-Pert Compact MAM Reader.

In X-Pert Compact MAM LE you can have up to 5,000 records; a single instance, stream, part & media per record. You have no Advanced Boolean Search engine; no Sequence description; no grouping & linking; no advanced credits; no Additional info (description, rating, trivia, etc.).

In X-Pert Compact MAM Reader you can only view and search the database, but there are no editing options.