X-Pert Compact MAM Servers

In the DataBox Servers section, you will see a list of DataBox servers, where XPC will search for filenames, titles, and metadata. Each entry in this list links XPC to a storage database already existing in DataBox.

To link a new DataBox server, click Add DataBox Server. In the following dialog, enter server name, database file, username, password and character set.

For Database File, enter the folder path, where the X-Pert Compact MAM database file is located. This can be a network path if XPC and X-Pert Compact MAM are installed to different servers.

For Character Set, enter the character set, used by the database.

TIP: To find the character set, used by a database, go to Options > Database > Charset in X-Pert Compact MAM.

When you successfully link a X-Pert Compact MAM database to XPC, you will see a green tick in the Started column of the X-Pert Compact MAM servers list. If XPC and the server are not properly connected, a red cross will be displayed. Point that sign with your mouse to see the error message.

Use the buttons to the right to edit, refresh or delete a database from the list.