Playlist Folders

This field allows you to add playlist folders to be used by the respective X-Pert Playout server. To add a new one click the Add Playlist Folder  button. A dialog will open, where you need to enter the following information:

In the Name field type a unique user-friendly name of designate the folder. The Map to field contains the folder path, as viewed by the station, where the respective X-Pert Playout instance is installed. In the Path field, on the other hand, you need to enter the folder path as it is viewed by the XPC server.

EXAMPLE: Folder name = Video Materials, Map to = E:\Video Materials\,  Path =\\\e\Video Materials, and Filter = mpg

The Filter field here is optional. You can enter a file extension here if you want the XPC to only display a certain type of files in this folder. This option is useful when the folder you are configuring contains a large number of files of various types.

If you are trying to add a shared folder from your network, click the Login data  button. A new dialog will appear. In the Domain name field enter the name of the computer, where the desired folder is located. Use the Username and Password fields to enter your credentials.

Finally, use the Color drop-down list if you would like the folder to be marked with a particular color in the Home page.

You can add as many folders, as you wish. You can also remove and edit existing folders by clicking the Remove Playlist Folder  and the Edit Playlist Folder  button respectively.