X-Pert Playout Servers

The X-Pert Playout Servers section contains a list of all available X-Pert Playout servers. To add a new X-Pert Playout server click the Add X-Pert Playout Server  button.

In the following dialog enter the X-Pert Playout server Name, Server address and Server port. For Server address enter the IP address, where the respective X-Pert Playout instance is installed. For Server port type the port number of the server.

NOTE: Each name of an X-Pert Playout instance which you add, needs to be unique.

NOTE: Port numbers used by X-Pert Playout always start from 7000. The port number of every next X-Pert Playout instance has to be an even number, greater than the previous by 2. The maximum number of X-Pert Playout instances per one station is 15.

EXAMPLE: In order to configure 5 X-Pert Playout instances on a single IP address, the port numbers for X-Pert Playout Instance #1 through #5 would be as follows: 7000, 7002, 7004, 7006, and 7008.

From the Frame rate drop-down menu select the rate, at which the X-Pert Playout in question is working. This depends on the corresponding video standard (PAL, NTSC, etc.). Once you are done entering the necessary details, click Save, and the new X-Pert Playout.

In the Time Offset field you can enter an offset for the respective server in a HH:MM format. By default, the time offset is zero. Use this option to manage servers in different time zones.

To set a preview for a particular X-Pert Playout instance, select the Preview visible check box. If the output of the X-Pert Playout application is located and processed on a different server, enter its path in the Preview address (http streaming) field.

X-Pert Playout servers can be automatically searched for via the Search X-Pert Playout Server  button. It invokes the following dialog:

To find online X-Pert Playout servers choose one of the options:

Search entire network - If you select this option the system will search for all X-Pert Playout servers, which are available in your local network.

Search by IP or subnet - If you select this option you have to fill in the IP address or Subnet Mask of the X-Pert Playout server you wish to find in the empty field.

To start the search click Scan. The list of discovered X-Pert Playout servers will be displayed at the bottom. You can add any server from this list.

You can also edit or remove a given server. For this purpose, simply click the Remove X-Pert Playout Server  or the Edit X-Pert Playout Server  button next to the name of the respective X-Pert Playout server. Use the arrows to the left of each existing server in order to expand the view and see additional user options. Once a user is expanded, you can see and configure the following sections:

General Info

Media Folders

Playlist Folders

X-Pert Compact MAM Server

Granted Users

View and Control Groups

Custom Events