The Users section allows you to add, remove, and edit XPC users. The system supports different user permissions. Two types of users - view only users and commanders. The view only users can only observe the system without making any changes in it neither in the Home page, nor in the System Manager.

To add a new user, click on the relevant Add new user  button in the top right corner. The following dialog will open:

Fill in the User Name, Full Name of the user and the Password.

Click the Add button to select the X-Pert Playout servers, which this user will be able to operate. An additional dialog will be invoked:

Select one or more X-Pert Playout servers from the list. To select multiple servers press the Shift or the Control keyboard button. From the Role drop-down list select the access rights, which the user will have for the selected server(s). The following access types are available:

View Only - This role allows the user to only access the  view groups and the Timeline. Users cannot command X-Pert Playout, nor use the ShotBox with view only rights.

Playlist Editor - This role is the same as the view only user one with an additional Playlist Editor module.

Control Operator - This role allows the user to view and control the X-Pert Playout server(s) and use the ShotBox.

Full Access - This role enables all of the above mentioned user rights.

In addition to the user Role you can enable/disable the File Uploader module for the selected server(s).

The last option in the Create User dialog is the System Administration module. If this option is enabled the user will be able to access the System Manager of XPC.

NOTE: The default User name and Password for the Administrator account are: administrator/administrator. You can change the administrator password but you cannot remove the administrator user from the XPC.

You can also Edit  and Remove  users via the respective buttons.

Use the arrows to the left of each existing user in order to expand the view and see additional user options. Once a user is expanded, you can see and edit the list of X-Pert Playout servers, which this user operates.

You can add a new server by clicking the Add X-Pert Playout Server  button. The same dialog will open, as the one used for adding servers to new users.

To edit the access permissions, which the user has for one of the X-Pert Playout servers he already commands, click the Edit User Permissions  button next to the respective X-Pert Playout server. A dialog will appear, where you can select the desired Role for the user and enable/disable the File Uploader module. User roles are described above.