File Uploader

The File Uploader allows you to upload files to the XPC media content.

NOTE: Access to individual media folders is configured separately for each X-Pert Playout in the X-Pert Playout Server section of the System Manager.

At the top left of the File Uploader, select an X-Pert Playout server to operate by clicking the respective Display server details button. Next to the X-Pert Playout servers list, you will see a drop-down list with available media folders, and a list of the contents of the currently selected one.

Notice that each media folder can contain sub-folders. You can expand and shrink the contents of each sub-folder by clicking on the arrows to the left.

At the top right of the File Uploader window, you will see the control buttons. Click the Add files button and browse for media files to upload. Media files will be displayed in a list below. To upload the files one by one, click the Start button next to the file size. To start uploading all files simultaneously, click Start upload above.

Use Stop/Stop upload to cancel item upload.

Select a check box next to each and click Delete to delete a single item. To select all items, check the uppermost box to the right and then click Delete.

WARNING: The deleted file(s) from the File Uploader will also be removed from the respective Media Folder(s).