Control Groups

A Control Group is a specific group of X-Pert Playout servers, which is defined by the user in the corresponding section of the System Manager. Control Groups allow users to monitor and manage several X-Pert Playout servers simultaneously. Each Control Group has one Commander, through which the user can control the other X-Pert Playout instances in the group.

NOTE: One X-Pert Playout instance can belong to one Control Group only.

The Control Groups tab is a part of the XPC Home page and consists of the same sections and buttons, described earlier in this manual.

The Server monitor section contains a list of X-Pert Playout servers, which belong to a particular Control Group. The Commander is marked in red. The counters are displaying information about the playout time of the Control Group Commander. For more details about Counters please refer to the Counters section earlier in this manual.

Each Control Group is displayed by its name, defined by the user.

In the upper left corner you can see the current playout status of the respective Control Group Commander.

In order to send commands to a certain Control Group, click the Display server details  button. You can also refresh an instance by clicking the Force server refresh  button.

NOTE: The Display Server Details option here shows the details of the group's Commander. If you want to view the details of the other X-Pert Playout instance in the group, you should select the desired instance in the Server monitor section of the Home page. You can change the Commander of the Control Group from the relative section in the System Manager.

You can also view the media folders, which are predefined for the currently selected X-Pert Playout server.

Media folders are set in the X-Pert Playout Servers section of the Server monitor. Once a media folder is added to a certain server, you can upload files in it via the File Uploader in the Home page.

More than one media folder can be defined per server. Use the tabs to select the desired folder and the arrows to navigate.

You can easily add a file from the media folder to the currently displayed playlist in the playlist grid by dragging and dropping it.

In the work area of the Control Groups tab you can control the selected X-Pert Playout instances from the Server monitor section.. The work area consists again of playlist grid, playlist controls, playback controls, counters and ShotBox .

NOTE: Clicking any of the playback controls while in the Control Groups section will send a command to all X-Pert Playout instances, which belong to the corresponding Control Group.