Clip Trimmer

The Clip Trimmer is a simple tool for editing the duration of clips. To start the Clip Trimmer, select an item from the playlist and click the Clip Trimmer icon in the toolbar above the playlist grid.


NOTE: To use the clip trimmer, you need proxy files (in MPEG format) of your original content.

All trimming operations are time code-based. In the In, Out and Duration fields below the preview window, you will see the default time code values for the selected clip. If you change the In value, Duration and Out will be calculated accordingly. If you change the Out value, the Duration value will be calculated accordingly and vice-versa.

Position indicates the current position of the marker in the clip. It will be set to 00:00:00:00 when you start Clip Trimmer.

Click a place in the Seek bar below to see the position value. Click and drag to move the yellow marker to an exact time code. To set the current position as an In (i.e. start) point, click the In button below. The marker position will be fixed.

You can click OK to accept changes and return to the playlist. In playout, the clip will start from the new In point.

After setting a new In point, click a place further in the Seek bar and click Out. The clip will be played out from the new In point to the new Out point.

Split the clip into several parts using the Add trim point button. Each section will be displayed as a separate item in the playlist.

Use the Play/Stop and One frame back/forward buttons to preview and make precise selections. 

Total Duration displays the original untrimmed duration of the clip.