Appendix - Server Maintenance Best Practices

In order to maintain trouble -free system, the following maintenance practices are recommended:


Check system for audible and visual (front and power supply LEDs light) alarms

Check that system hard drive (ex. C:\)  has at least 10% free space

Make sure that media files are not stored on the desktop or media files are not played from the System Drive (ex. C :\)


Weekly Check list PLUS

Check Windows System Logs for Errors

Check the RAID controller ( if installed) for Errors

Clear temporary files


Weekly, Monthly Check lists PLUS

Check Storage for Fragmentation issues

(If Defragmentation is needed - should be performed when Off – Air)

Reboot the system to clear possible internal OS( Windows) inconsistencies


Quarterly, Weekly, Monthly Check lists PLUS

Clean server from dust, if necessary (power must be off, if you will open the chassis)

Replace any chassis filters – if applicable