The X-Pert Studio Player offers a MultiViewer option, which is a dedicated SDI output and allows you to preview all the outputs you are generating on a single screen. In case you have a spare Board, which you do not use for output, the MultiViewer is a great way to monitor your playout.

To start the MultiViewer you should open the MVConfig.exe file, located in the folder, where your X-Pert Studio Player is installed. Once you open the file, the following dialog will be invoked:

From the Board Name drop-down list select the desired board to be used for preview.

NOTE: Never use the same board for preview and output!

From the Resolution drop-down list select the desired resolution to be used for preview. The selected resolution will be applied to each output preview.

Use the Seconds Before Show Red Counter field to set a remaining time, at which the counter of an output to become red. In this way you will be notified that the playlist of a certain player will finish soon.

Once you configure your MultiViewer, the preview should look like the image below: