File Media Browser

You can use the File Media Browser to the right of the User Interface in order to construct your playlist. To do this simply select the folder, where your media files are contained from the upper part, choose as many files from the bottom, as you wish and drag-and-drop them to the desired player.

If you would like to access files, stored on a different machine, use the upper field of the File Media Browser and enter the address of the corresponding machine.

NOTE: Enter a network path to access a server or directory which is outside the local network.

Right-clicking in the lower area invokes the following context menu:

Use the Append To command to add the selected file(s) to one of the Players. Moving your mouse over the command will invoke an additional menu, from which you can select the desired Player, where files will be added.

NOTE: To select multiple files hold <Shift>, to select multiple random files, hold <Ctrl > on your keyboard.

Use the Preview On command to invoke a list of available Players for preview. Selecting one of the players will allow you to preview the selected clip(s) on it.

NOTE: In order for a Player to be available for preview, you should configure its corresponding output port to be used as preview. This can be done in the Client Config option of the Settings menu.