Right-clicking on a playlist item invokes a context menu, which includes the following commands:

Set End Clip Action - this command displays an additional menu, which allows you to add an action to be executed when the playout of the selected clip ends. The available actions are:

Continue - After the end of the clip playout will continue to the next clip.

Stop - After the end of the clip playout will be terminated.

Cue Next - After the end of the clip playout will stop on the first frame of the next clip.

Hold Last Frame - Playout will stop on the last frame of the current clip.

Loop - Playout of the clip will be looped.

Remove Item - this command will delete the item from the playlist.

Insert Item(s) - this command will open a browser window, from which you can select one or multiple items to be added after the currently selected clip.

Clear Playlist - this command will remove all clips from the selected playlist.

Cue here - selecting this command will stop the playout on the first frame of the selected clip.

Jump here - if you select this command the currently playing clip will be terminated and the selected clip will be played.

Edit Clip - selecting this command will invoke the clip trimmer for the corresponding clip.

Preview On - selecting this command will invoke a list of available Players for preview. Selecting one of the players will allow you to preview the playlist on one of the other players.

NOTE: In order for a Player to be available for preview, you should configure its corresponding output port to be used as preview. This can be done in the Client Config option of the Settings menu.