ShotBox is an additional XPC tool, which provides fast switching and insertion of custom events in the playlist. It consists of 16 buttons (events) and operates in two modes - Execute mode and Insert mode, which can be switched by clicking the respective icon.

When selecting the Execute mode, the event assigned to it, will be executed immediately. If a live stream is assigned to this button, a live stream row will be inserted in the playlist, and the playback will jump to it.

When selecting a ShotBox preset while in Insert mode, the event will be inserted in the playlist, but won’t be executed.

You can choose the position of the item in the playlist by clicking the respective icon -   Insert item at the end of the playlist or  Insert as next playing item. Selecting one of these icons allows also switching between the two modes. The Insert as next playing item option will apply the event after the currently playing clip.

If the playlist is in stopped or paused, the event will be executed after resuming the playback.

You can show/hide ShotBox from the playlist grid by clicking the Show/Hide button.

To configure ShotBox events for each X-Pert Playout server navigate to System Manager > X-Pert Playout Servers > ShotBox.