Quick Start and Setup

Verify all connections and start the workstation;

Make sure that you have suitable content available in the media folders;

Launch X-Pert Studio Player;

Configure the Client from Settings ➔ Configure Clients by entering the IP Address(es) of the client(s) to be used. You can configure up to 4 clients.

Configure the Players from Settings ➔ Configure Players by selecting the desired Output Boards, Video Standards and Aspect Ratio Converter Modes to be used

IMPORTANT: ALWAYS configure the Output Boards for the Players before selecting the Board to be used by the MultiViewer!

Select the files you wish to playout and click on the Open button;

Use the File Media Browser to drag-and–drop the desired files to the Players.

Click on the PLAY button;

You should now see X-Pert Studio Player video on your video output.

Congratulations! You have just launched your first X-Pert Studio Player playout session!