To install X-Pert Studio Player, run the product’s executable file. The installation wizard will appear:

To proceed with the installation click Next.

In the Choose Installation Type dialog select one of the configurations:


1.User Interface – when selecting this option, only the X-Pert Studio Player user interface will be installed on your station.

2.Server – when clicking this configuration type, only the X-Pert Studio Player service will be installed on your station.

3.Complete – select this option, in order both the user interface and the service to be configured on the same station.



In the Logon Information dialog box, fill in the following mandatory fields:

NOTE: If you are planning to access other stations in your network, make sure that you use an appropriate account, which has access to the corresponding stations.

In the User Name field enter the user name from the Windows Active Directory.

In case you are using a Windows domain, in the Domain field enter the domain name, which you are part of. If you do not belong to a Windows domain, type a period in this field.

In the Password field enter the Windows user password.

Once you are ready, click Next.

In the following dialog box, select the folder, where you would like your X-Pert Studio Player to be installed. It is recommended to use the default folder.

Once you are ready, click Next and the installation will begin.


After the setup is completed, click Finish.

Congratulations! You have just installed X-Pert Studio Player!