Server monitor


This section is available when either the View Groups, or the Timeline tab is selected. It displays the X-Pert Playout instances which you are currently monitoring. The drop-down list on the top contains the name of each View Group, as well as an All Playouts option. Selecting a View Group from the list will show all X-Pert Playout servers, which are accessible to this group. If you select the All Playout preset, you will be able to monitor all X-Pert Playout instances, to which you are granted access through XPC.

The current playout status of the respective X-Pert Playout server is visible in the upper left corner:

 - The playback in X-Pert Playout is started;

 - The playback in X-Pert Playout is paused;

 - The playback in X-Pert Playout is stopped;

  - The X-Pert Playout application is not started.

In order to select a certain X-Pert Playout instance, click the Display server details button. You can refresh an instance to obtain its current status by clicking the Force server refresh button.

You can also view the counters of each X-Pert Playout instance. For more details, please refer to the Counters section further in this manual.