Quick Start

1.Verify all connections and start the server.

2.Launch the XPC server.

3.Open a web browser, type the IP address of the server where XPC is installed, followed by a colon (“:”), and the XPC default port number 11235.


4.In the Login page enter the Username and the Password for the Administrator’s account.

-Default Username: administrator;

-Default Password: administrator.

5.Navigate to the System Manager page by click the Manage system button in the top-right corner of the XPC Home screen.

6.Click X-Pert Playout Servers in the left pane of the System Manager to add X-Pert Playout server for monitoring.

          Click the Search X-Pert Playout Server icon to start an automatic search of the available X-Pert Playout servers in the local network.

- In the dialog box, click the Scan button;

- A list of IP addresses of the available servers will open;

- Select an X-Pert Playout server(s) from the list and click the Register icon.

To add an X-Pert Playout server manually, click the Add X-Pert Playout Server icon. A dialog box will open.

- In the Name field type a unique user-friendly name, which will help you recognize the respective X-Pert Playout instance.

- In the Server address field type the IP address of X-Pert Playout server.

- In the Port Number field enter the port number of X-Pert Playout server.

Note that the port number for controlling X-Pert Playout always starts from 7000.

- Use the Time Offset option to manage servers in different time zones. By default, the time offset is a zero value.

- In the Frame Rate field enter the proper frame rate. The default value is 25.

- Click the Create button.

7.Go to the Users section of the System Manager.

Click the Administrator user name to expand the section and then click the Edit user icon.

- In the Edit user dialog box click the Add button in the X-Pert Playout Servers to operate area;

- In the new dialog box select the desired X-Pert Playout server(s) from the list, and then click Full Access from the Role list.

- Click the Add button and then – in the Edit user dialog, click the Save button.

To create a new user, click the Add user icon.

In the Create user dialog box type the username, the full name of the user and the password in the respective fields.

Click the Add button to select the X-Pert Playout servers, which this user will be able to manage. An additional dialog box will open.

          - Select one or more X-Pert Playout Servers from the list;

          - From the Role drop-down list select the access rights, which the user will have for the selected server(s);

 Click the Add button and in the Create user dialog box click Create.

8.Click the Home button to return to the XPC Home page.

9.In the upper left corner you can see the X-Pert Playout servers, which you have selected for monitoring and control.

Congratulations! Now you have your XPC running!