Power Point Objects

X-Pert Graphics allows you to insert Power Point presentations in your projects. Just press the PowerPoint Presentation  button from the object palette and draw a rectangle in the work area. Then browse for the file location. You can change the file later by double-clicking in the Power Point object or by pushing the Properties  button in the toolbar.

If you right-click on a PowerPoint object or push the Properties 2  button, the PowerPoint properties window will open. It is interactive and allows you to control your slide shows.

The name of the currently selected object is written in the window caption.

WARNING! Do NOT minimize the X-Pert Graphics window while displaying a power point presentation – this will hide it from the output! Do NOT close the preview window of the object.

IMPORTANT: You must have a full PowerPoint version installed on the X-Pert Graphics PC in order to run these objects. Only PowerPoint 2003 is supported.