Adjusting X-Pert Quality Check

X-Pert Quality Check is a quality control tool intended to guarantee the successful playout of X-Pert Playout media files. X-Pert Quality Check is checking sets of files, playlists or separate directories. Performing content verification can be loudness-related as well as concerning missing audio or video media samples. It stores quality data descriptions into a .*MTD file, corresponding to each media file checked. X-Pert Playout will play or skip a clip depending on the quality data and the user-defined actions.


1.Launch X-Pert Quality Check

2. Go to Settings menu -> Test presets. A new configuration dialog opens up.

3.To Add, Delete or Set as default a new test preset, right-click within the Test presets field.

4.Then choose the proper plug-in for tests performing out of the right-hand side of the dialog.

If Loudness measurements is selected, X-Pert Quality Check will store a loudness metadata into an *.MTD file, corresponding to each tested media file. You can see an example of such *.MTD file opened on the right part of the screen. There is a “Programme loudness” value of -14.0 (underlined). This value represents the average loudness of a programme (playlist media file).

          Based on this value, X-Pert Playout will perform a correction of the audio levels. For example, if the average loudness of a programme is -14.0 dB, X-Pert Playout will make it lower with 9 dB in order to reach the referent -23 dBFS. The correction of -9 dB for the relevant programme (playlist clip) is visible to the playlist clip properties: right-click the clip inside the playlist Properties - Metadata tab (see the example to the left). Such correction is different depending on each programme (playlist clip).


Let’s get back to X-Pert Quality Check.

5. Go to the File menu or use the Toolbar to define a QCT source for testing. The Source can be an entire folder or set of files, an X-Pert Playout playlist (*.ply file) or a text file. Into the newly opened dialog, browse the source for testing.

6.From the Test preset drop-down list, choose a previously created test preset that you would like to use.
 Click OK. All media files inside the specified directory will be listed into the Files set field. It occupies the main part of the interface.

7.Then go to the Tests drop-down menu and click Start (you can also use the relevant button situated in the Toolbar).

8.X-Pert Quality Check will start to perform tests of the media content, storing the test results as a metadata to an *.MTD file corresponding to each media file tested.